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Our Land Rover Service Plan

Every journey you make is important and it matters to us that your Land Rover remains in the best possible condition. Our Service Plans offer you the reassurance of up to seven years’ coverage, inclusive of genuine Land Rover parts, labour costs and expert care from our trained Technicians. Drive with confidence knowing your Land Rover is always maintained to the highest standard; let us keep you moving forward over every bridge or trail you encounter.

What you can expect when you sign up for our Service Plan:

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Peace of Mind

When you hit the road in your Land Rover, the only thing on your mind should be where you plan to explore next. With all the benefits included in our service plan, you can rest assured your Land Rover will always be running in top condition, ready to take on any terrain you may encounter.

Give yourself peace of mind no matter what the road ahead has in store, with a Land Rover Service Plan you can get behind the wheel reassured that Land Rover will be with you every step of the way, sharing your passion for freedom and adventure.

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Land Rover Service Contract Prices

Sold after vehicle purchase, by engine size.

​LAND ROVER​5.0L & 5.0 SC​3.0L SC​2.0 TURBO
​3 years/ 65,000kms​AED 17,000​AED 17,000​AED 12,000
​5 years/ 104,000kms​AED 33,000​AED 33,000​AED 20,000
​7 years/ 156,000kms​AED 49,000​AED 48,000​AED 31,000
​Upgrade From 3 years/ 65,000kms to 5 years/ 104,000kms​AED 16,000​AED 16,000​AED 9,000
​Upgrade From 5 years/ 104,000kms to 7 years/ 156,000kms​AED 18,000​AED 17,000​AED 13,000

Land Rover Extended Warranty

Land Rover Extended Warranty provides owners of Land Rover vehicles with an additional warranty over similar to the original 3 years / 100,000 km manufacturer’s warranty.

All Land Rover Vehicles sold in the MENAP Region since January 2009 will have a comprehensive warranty coverage period of 5 years / 150,000 km, whichever occurs first.

To ensure that your vehicle remains in first class order, visits to your Land Rover Authorized Dealer are required for routine servicing. They are fully equipped to deal with today’s sophisticated vehicles and offer competitively priced servicing, with a guarantee of workmanship on every job completed.

Understanding The Extended Warranty Cover

Should any part of the vehicle require repair or replacement as a result of a manufacturing defect, the part will be repaired or replaced completely free of charge by any Land Rover Dealer / Importer within the covered region6, regardless of any change of vehicle ownership during the period of cover, providing the vehicle has a full service / maintenance history performed according to the Land Rover service requirements, and that the materials used meet Land Rover engineering specifications.

The stamped Service Record booklet provides a record of the routine services carried out on your vehicle. Always make sure that the appropriate record slip is stamped and signed on completion of each service and that the booklet is presented to Land Rover Dealer / Importer for warranty repairs.

Validity Of Extended Warranty Coverage

Extended Warranty will come into effect once the vehicle exceeds 3 years from date of delivery to the first Owner or exceeds 100,000 km, whichever occurs first. When the vehicle exceeds the 100,000 km, the extended warranty start date will be activated based on the service history entered on the program management system by the authorized Dealer, when available.

Extended Warranty will expire 60 months from the date of delivery to the first Owner or 24 months from the date of extended warranty activation or at 150,000 km, whichever occurs first.

Covered Models

All Land Rover models sold in any of the covered countries, except Defender, unless otherwise stated.

Land Rover Optional Warranty Extension

Land Rover also offers you the opportunity to further extend the validity period / mileage of the Extended Warranty Coverage. This is specially designed for Land Rover owners who are planning to keep the ownership of their vehicles for a longer period, to ensure they continue enjoying the peace of mind.

Based on the Owner’s preference, there are two Optional Warranty Extension packages to choose from:

  • One year / 25,000 km
  • Two years / 50,000 km

One year / 25,000 km optional warranty extension

Choosing this package will increase the overall period of warranty coverage to 6 years / 175,000 km, whichever occurs first, from the date of delivery to the first Owner.

Two years / 50,000 km optional warranty extension

This package will increase the overall period of warranty coverage to 7 years / 200,000 km, whichever occurs first, from the date of delivery to the first Owner.

Both packages of Optional Warranty Extension can be purchased Over the Service Counter as long as all following conditions are fulfilled:

  • VVehicle’s age is over 24 months / 100,000 km and less than 58 months / 145,000 km, whichever occurs first, from the date of delivery to the first Owner.
  • All Services have been completed at the distance or time based interval (whichever occurs first) shown in the Service Interval Plans.

Roadside Assistance will also be included and valid for the same period / mileage as the Optional Warranty Extension package.

Extended Warranty Exclusions, Terms and Conditions

Extended warranty exclusions

JLand Rover Extended Warranty is not responsible for any repair or replacement that is required as a direct result of:

  • Normal wear and tear.
  • Corrosion.
  • Defects or damages caused as a result of the vehicle being used in motor sport events or for any purpose other than normal, private or commercial use.
  • Damage resulting from neglect, accident, flooding, fire, sand storm, frost, hail, snow, salt, lightning,airborne fallout or improper use.
  • Damage due to the failure of another part on the vehicle.
  • Damage caused during maintenance.
  • Failure to maintain the vehicle in accordance with Land Rover’s maintenance schedules (Service Intervals Plan) and service instructions.
  • Failure to use Land Rover specified parts or fluids during a warranty repair (or parts of equivalent quality during a retail repair).
  • Failure of a non-approved Land Rover part and/or the failure or misuse of a product or accessory not recommended by Land Rover. Additionally, any consequential damage caused by the installation or use of such parts, products or accessories will not be covered.
  • Any modification to the vehicle or parts which is not authorised by Land Rover, including any engine performance enhancement modifications.
  • Any vehicle that has had its vehicle identification number altered or removed, or on which the odometer reading has been unlawfully changed.
  • Refilling or topping-up with incorrect fuel e.g. diesel used instead of petrol.
  • Use of fuel specifications or alternative fuels which are not approved by Land Rover for the vehicle (refer to the Owner’s Handbook).
  • Use of contaminated fuels, fluids or lubricants.
  • Use of supplemental additives and flushing agents for fuel or engine oil (unless specified as part of a Land Rover service requirement).
  • The vehicle, as manufactured, does not meet the operational specification of a market for which it was not specified, including any legal requirements or penalties imposed by Government or other authority.
  • The effects of any vehicle modifications undertaken to comply with legal or local requirements of a market for which it was not specified, unless authorised by Land Rover.
  • Gradual reduction in operating performance associated with the age and mileage of the vehicle.
  • Defect or damage resulting from failure to respond to a recall campaign.

Scheduled maintenance items

Consumable items which are subject to adjustment or replacement during a NORMAL scheduled service or maintenance operation are not covered by the Extended Warranty.

The parts that fall into this category for all models are:

  • Engine oil, coolant fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, windscreen washer solution or any other consumable fluids and lubricants are not covered for replacement or top-up.
  • Oil filter.
  • Fuel filter.
  • Air filter.
  • Pollen filter (where applicable)
  • Drive belts.
  • Spark plugs (where applicable).
  • Remote handset batteries (Where applicable).

Other exclusions

Parts that require repair, replacement or adjustment, but are recognised as having a limited service life are not covered by the Extended Warranty.

The parts that fall into this category for all models are:

  • Wiper blades.
  • All light bulbs (interior and exterior) and fuses. Except for Xenon headlamp bulbs and fascia / instrumentation illumination are covered by Extended Warranty, if originally fitted by factory.
  • Adjustments, including but not limited to: headlamp and hinged panel adjustments, suspension tightening, steering geometry adjustments, emission / fuel system checks, lubrication and hand brake cable adjustments.
  • Wheel alignment / balancing.
  • Brake linings (pads and shoes), brake discs and any other friction related components.
  • Air conditioning refrigerant.
  • Coolant hoses.
  • Engine tuning and set-up.
  • Exhaust pipes (Catalytic Converter is covered for manufacturing defects only).
  • All batteries.
  • Wheels and tyres.
  • All body panels, paintwork, glass, mirror glass, chrome parts, door seals / rubbers, internal and external trim.

General Conditions

  • Liability under this warranty is conditional on the observance of the terms and conditions of the warranty and any endorsements attached.
  • There is no provision under this warranty for any refund or part return of the monies paid.
  • The Owner must ensure that all reasonable precautions are taken to safeguard the vehicle from loss or damage, and should a fault become evident, the vehicle must be stopped as soon as possible to minimise any damage.
  • Land Rover Extended Warranty Services reserves the right to inspect the vehicle and subject any displaced parts to expert assessment.
  • Vehicles permanently transferred and registered in a country outside the geographical limits of the covered countries will result in the Extended Warranty Coverage being cancelled. No refund will be considered in case the Optional Extended Warranty has been paid for by the Owner.

Claims For Repairs While Touring Outside The Covered Countries

In the event of a valid warranty repair occurring outside the geographical limits of the countries covered by the Extended Warranty, the Owner of the vehicle will need to pay the foreign Land Rover Importer / Dealer for the repairs and upon return to the country of origin, present the claim immediately to the Domestic Land Rover Importer / Dealer, whereupon full reimbursement will take place.

The repairing Dealer must be pre-authorized to conduct the repairs. Cost of repair will be reimbursed if the repair invoice is presented within 2 months from the date of repair.

LR2 LR2-Warranty Extension 12 Month/25,000KM AED 4,800
LR2 LR2-Warranty Extension 24 Month/50,000KM AED 9,300
LR4 LR4-Warranty Extension 12 Month/25,000KM AED 6,400
LR4 LR4-Warranty Extension 24 Month/50,000KM AED 12,400
Discovery Sport Discovery Sport-Warranty Extension 12 Month/25,000KM AED 5,600
Discovery Sport Discovery Sport-Warranty Extension 24 Month/50,000KM AED 10,600
All New Discovery Discovery-Warranty Extension 12 Month/25,000KM TBC
All New Discovery Discovery-Warranty Extension 24 Month/50,000KM TBC
Range Rover Evoque Evoque-Warranty Extension 12 Month/25,000KM AED 5,300
Range Rover Evoque Evoque-Warranty Extension 24 Month/50,000KM AED 10,200
Range Rover / Range Rover Sport RR-RRS-Warranty Extension 12 Month/25,000KM AED 7,800
Range Rover / Range Rover Sport RR-RRS-Warranty Extension 24 Month/50,000KM AED 14,900