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Drive Like the Best Is yet to Come

GranCabrio Folgore

*The images & specifications displayed may not be of the actual vehicle. All prices are inclusive of VAT
Pricing may vary subject to model availability”
From 949,000 incl. VAT
4 Seats
800 Volt Battery
290 km/h
15 KM/L
Exterior A modern enigma resolved: a finely tailored balance of tradition and innovation, raw track-bred engineering and Italian elegance. GranCabrio represents this duality in its most essential and liberating form.
Interior Cutting-edge, Made-in-Italy innovation in a fresh new material. Introducing the regenerated nylon fiber ECONYL®. A potentially infinite circular material, in the GranCabrio. The laser-etched design on the interiors of the GranCabrio is a testament to the power of energy modulation, just like the full-electric propulsion that powers the entire Folgore lineup.
Performance When pairing adjustable torque distribution and traction control with the performance optimizer in Corsa mode, the GranCabrio Folgore delivers charging track-bred acceleration. Thrilling starts, maximum satisfaction.
Technology The Folgore’s powertrain is developed with Formula E-derived technical solutions like the silicon carbide inverters for a better energy flow and higher efficiency. The cutting-edge 800-volt battery powers three potent 300-kw permanent magnet motors – one in the front, two in the rear – to deliver up to 560 kW 761 hp and a mind-blowing 1,350 Nm of torque across all four wheels. As soon as the destination is selected, on the central-up 12.3’’ screen the predicted stat of charge at destination will appear together with the best options to recharge along the journey. Charging stations and the maximum distance one can run – based on battery, driving style and roads real-time information - are displayed on the navigation map.
Design From the trident on the front grille of the GranCabrio, the eye dances along its contemporary contours to the full LED headlights, which offer optimal visibility and recognition, day and night.
Capabilities Grand touring is meant to be, well, grand. That’s why one can expect to travel as far as their heart desires: up to 450 km on one full battery charge. Or until the next stop for admiring the scenery. When it’s time, it can charge up to 100 km in just 5 minutes – elegantly preserving that balance between going the distance fast and living at your own pace. Back on the road, additional energy is captured and stored when braking.
Safety & Security The all-new GranCabrio includes a number of Level 2 Advanced Driver Assistance systems to make every experience onboard a carefree pleasure.