12.7L Ecotorq
430 PS

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New Ford Tractor Head

Long distance heavy load transportation requires performance. Achieving highest performance in the most economical way requires professionalism. And of course, road professionals look for comfort. They are right, which is why we created Ford Trucks Tractor Series.

Ford Tractor Head Exterior

Ford Trucks Tractor Series is equipped with new efficiency expert 13-liter Ecotorq engines offering broad torque band. The Low Liner option developed especially for volume transportation delivers high performance even with heaviest loads. It ensures comfort long-haul driving experiences thanks to its automated transmission. Neither construction site nor highway makes any difference for 1843T. All-purpose model is not choosy on the road.

1843T is both powerful and economic. It delivers highest performance, and doesn’t ask for much.

Needless to say. Nothing could be better than Ford Trucks Tractor Series for long haul or heavy loads.

*Engine: Ecotorq 12.7 Litre

Power / Torque: 430 PS @ 1800 RPM/2150 NM @ 1,000 – 1,300 RPM

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