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Lincoln Continental

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The Lincoln Continental has arrived. Nestle into the serene cabin and surround yourself with the reassuring strength of its forms. From the intuitive ease of its front-seat controls to its exceptional collection of amenities for those in the back, the Continental invites everyone to experience the journey in an elegant way.

Lincoln Continental Side View
Lincoln Continental Seats
Lincoln Continental Front View
Lincoln Continental Dashboard
Lincoln Continental On the Road


White Lincoln Continental
Lincoln Continental Grill


Intelligent all-wheel drive (AWD) helps the Continental perform at its best in all conditions. The fully automatic system is designed to enhance handling and maximise traction by transferring power between the front and rear wheels as needed, typically before wheelslip can even occur. Featuring twin-turbocharging and direct-injection technology, the Continental options are fitted with some of the most powerful engines Lincoln has ever produced. And paired with Dynamic Torque Vectoring, the Continental offers a consummate driving experience.


Available Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection is Lincoln’s next generation of driver-assist technology. This feature uses radar and camera technology to scan the roadway ahead and, if another vehicle or pedestrian is detected, provides a warning to the driver. If the driver does not respond in a given period of time, the system can automatically precharge the brakes. If the driver continues to not take corrective action and the collision is imminent, active braking can automatically apply the brakes.

Lincoln Continental Front View
Lincoln Continental Door Handle


So much can happen in the blink of an eye. When split-second challenges arise on the road, the advanced driver-assist features the Continental offers can help you maintain a sense of calm. Enabling the vehicle to monitor your surroundings so you can react accordingly, these features provide support in many ways. They can help detect the presence of others in your blind spots and prompt you to stay in your lane. They can manage the vehicle’s speed for you in tedious stop-and-go traffic, as well as on the open highway.  Glide through life’s experiences with elegant confidence in the all-new Lincoln Continental.


A welcoming sense emanates from its distinctive grille, extending through the brilliant LED headlamps and beyond. The Continental embodies the refines elegance with which you approach everything in life. The graceful lines of its exterior flow seamlessly over the E-latch door handles, which create a beautifully clean profile by blending into the beltline of the vehicle. And the power-cinch doors gently close themselves. As you approach, the Continental recognises your presence, warmly greeting you with a series of illuminating gestures.

Lincoln Continental Side View


The Lincoln Continental detects your key fob as you approach. Once you have been detected, the Continental awakens with a thoughtful sequence of activity. Headlamps and taillamps illuminate, a striking Lincoln welcome mat is projected on the ground and the E-Latch door-handle pockets glow. All this happens while the interior dome light guides the way. Once inside, and with the door closed, the push –button start pulses while available automatic side mirrors unfold.


The Lincoln Continental was crafted to present a culmination of interior amenities that create an overwhelmingly graceful experience. Designers worked to eliminate and reduce lines that can divide an interior – giving rise to a more connected and flow. The seamless centre console and laser-cut roll-top tambour cupholder door indicate deliberate attention to a purposeful yet pleasing aesthetic. In-door seat controls, a front driver’s seat that fully retracts as you exit, striking wood inlays and rich leather surfaces surround you in an interior execution that is rejuvenating and decidedly Continental.

Lincoln Continental Dashboard
Lincoln Continental Logo


The Lincoln Continental offers the driver and front passenger the Personal Safety System™, with dual-stage front airbags, safety belt pretensioners and energy-management retractors. It is also equipped with safety belt usage sensors, driver’s seat position sensor, crash severity sensor, restraint control module and Front-Passenger Sensing System.




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