Premier Motors Hands Over 11 Ford Trucks’ 4142M Mixers to Tristar Group

Dealership continues to grow its presence in Abu Dhabi

Premier Motors, the official Ford Trucks dealer in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, handed over 11 Ford Trucks 4142M mixers to Tristar Group – one of the UAE’s fully integrated Energy Logistics business serving the downstream oil and gas industry.

The vehicles were handover to Tristar Group at its Industrial City Abu Dhabi facility.

“We have an excellent working relationship with Al Tayer Motors, Premier Motors and Ford Trucks for a few years now and are impressed with their sales and service operations across the UAE. Ford Trucks products provide a compelling total cost of ownership of the vehicles with very minimal downtime, which is particularly important in our lines of business,” said Shivananda Baikady, Tristar Group’s General Manager for Road Transport & Warehousing.

This handover of Ford Trucks vehicles by Premier Motors in Abu Dhabi marks a great beginning to 2023 as the dealership makes strong inroads into the various business segments it serves through the brand and its facilities in the Emirate.

“Premier Motors continues to expand and grow in the various segments of Abu Dhabi’s commercial vehicle market. It has been most satisfying to gain the trust of the major players in the construction, waste management, transportation, the cargo and logistics sectors and we look to continue this momentum into the future,” said Helal Hanei Omar, Senior Vice President, Ford & Lincoln, Al Tayer Motors.

Ford Trucks was introduced by Al Tayer Motors into the UAE in 2014 and has since successfully established and grown its presence in the commercial vehicles sector. Ford Trucks is represented in Abu Dhabi through Premier Motors and in Dubai & the Northern Emirates through Al Tayer Motors. Both dealerships retail the full range of commercial vehicles in the UAE including the award-winning Ford Trucks F-MAX, Construction series and Tractors & Road series.

Customers can contact the dealerships via their websites, Premier Motors or Al Tayer Motors mobile apps, social media (Facebook and Instagram) or by calling 800 MOTORS (668677).