Ferrari Power Warranty

Every Ferrari car is sold with a three-year Ferrari Commercial Warranty, which is valid internationally and offers full coverage for replacement parts and labour.

To preserve the value of your car, Ferrari has created a number of exclusive warranty formulas that extend the normal cover offered by the Ferrari manufacturer's warranty for up to 15 years.


Ferrari Power

The “4th or 4th+ 5th Year Extended Warranty” Formula

This is the first step towards greater peace of mind. Ferrari offers you the chance to extend the warranty period by a further 12 or 24 months once the manufacturer's warranty expires, with the same benefits and cover.

The “New Power” or “New Power15” Formula

New Power is the Ferrari Extended Warranty for vehicles with an expired Commercial Warranty that are within their fourteenth year of age. It can be renewed annually, and covers all of the key vehicle parts and systems. It is the most flexible formula available, and can be requested at any point during the specified period.

Choosing a Power formula means giving new strength to your Ferrari car. A unique opportunity to safeguard the value of your car, ensuring that the class, style and elegance that distinguish your Ferrari vehicle and the brand as a whole are maintained over time.

The Power formulas offer a host of advantages:

  • the option to extend the warranty coverage up until the 15th year of the car's life; the replacement of parts and performance of repairs covered by the Power formula;
  • work is carried out by workshops belonging to the authorised Ferrari network by highly specialised technicians trained by the company;
  • the value of the car remains high over time;
  • cover is also valid if the car changes ownership, provided that it meets the quality requirements stipulated by the manufacturer;
  • the roadside recovery service (in countries where this is available) is close at hand whenever you need it.

In order to take advantage of the Power warranty, the vehicle must be inspected by the authorised Ferrari network to certify compliance with the quality requirements specified by the manufacturer and to check the traceability of its service history. In addition, the car in question must have no more than 90,000 km on the clock. Furthermore, the vehicle must not have been tampered with in any way, stolen, entered into competitions/races or have been used for short and long-term rental by companies operating in this sector.

Subscribing to the Power warranty programme is easy.

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