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Ford Ecosport

New. Different. Imaginative. The EcoSport is fun personified. With a style quotient that is off the charts and a zippy 1.5 L petrol engine, EcoSport is a keen terrier straining at the leash. Throw it into corners with reckless abandon and it still does not lose composure.  A brilliantly engineered chassis makes this an SUV with sports car lineage. 

Red Ford Ecosport


Fitted with Electric power-assisted steering (EPAS), the EcoSport’s effortless steering and maneuverability makes it a cinch to park. The steering is optimally weighted on the move transmitting a heightened driving experience right into your hands. A choice of manual and automatic transmission is available on the 1.5 L petrol engine making it among the most fuel-efficient ways to move 5 people around on tarmac.


Do you ever wish you had a high tech automatic transmission that could save fuel With the SelectShift capability, the EcoSport is wickedly fun to drive delivering scarcely believable performance that is second to none. It is also equipped with a plethora of convenience features. And then some.


A raised ride height translates into a commanding 360-degree view and an imposing ground clearance to rival SUVs of far larger proportions. No valley is too deep and no mountain is too high in the Ford Ecosport. With 550 mm of wading depth, the EcoSport makes light work of fording streams equally well. Remote locking and cruise control puts effortless driving well within your reach. 


Making a sport utility vehicle aerodynamic is a unique challenge. Its striking exterior is testimony to the hours spent carving out a remarkably streamlined body that hints at craftsmanship even in the smallest details. Some might say a drag co efficient of 0.37 is nigh impossible in an SUV. To the naysayers we say, it's witchcraft.

Ford Ecosport dashboard
Ford Ecosport Exterior


The Ford EcoSport takes up a very small footprint at 3998 mm long and 1765 mm wide. Navigating out of the smallest spaces with ease, it is just as versatile and communicative on open roads. 


Now you never have to leave anything behind on your next road trip. The Ford Ecosport’s cavernous interior comfortably accommodates 5 adults and a cargo space with enough volume to swallow whole all your belongings.


Need a hand? You don’t need any. The Ford EcoSport unlocks automatically allowing you to leave the key fob in your pocket. It tailors to your high-end technology needs with push start ignition giving it an air of refinement and sophistication.


Ford Ecosport Ambiente
Ford Ecosport Titanium
Ford Ecosport Trend